Xseed's 'Corpse Party: Blood Drive' releases on mobile

Xseed's 'Corpse Party: Blood Drive' releases on mobile XSEED GAMES

A mobile version of Xseed Games' PlayStation Vita game, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, is now available for iOS and Android.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the final chapter in Xseed's “Heavenly Host Elementary” storyline in this visual novel-style horror anthology series.  This final installment allows players to explore Heavenly Host Elementary in full 3D for the very first time, with all of its formerly 2D environments meticulously recreated and greatly expanded.

New gameplay systems provide for more interactions for players experiencing the finale to this tale including a dynamic lighting system aided by an in-game flashlight, talismans to protect the player characters from danger, deadly traps to disarm, cabinets to hide in, a stamina system that allows for limited dashing, and more beyond that.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is rated "12+" on iOS and "16+" on Android.  The Android version is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and above, and the iOS version is compatible with iOS 8.0 or above, iPhone 5S or newer, iPod touch 6G, iPad Air, iPad mini4 or newer.  There is Game Center and Google Play Game Service support for collectible achievements on each's respective devices and players can back up their save data via iCloud (iOS) or Google Play Game Service (Android) in order to continue playing on a different device.

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