Puzzle platformer 'Switch - or Die Trying' now available on Steam

Switch - or Die Trying. Switch - or Die Trying. THREYE INTERACTIVE

Threye Interactive, a development studio based in New Delhi, has announced the Steam release of their latest game Switch - or Die Trying. The title has players taking the role of the letter 'i' as they travel across the land, using the letter's switch mechanic to change the game world so they can progress, working to reunite broken relationships with the other letters.

"Switch - Or Die Trying is our first project released globally and we are excited to see how players will respond to its unique concept and fun gameplay", said Bharat Nag from Threye Interactive. "With minimalist 2D graphics and simple to learn gameplay, Switch - Or Die Trying might seem like an easy game, but don’t be fooled because the dynamic game mechanics create an exciting, tough to master experience that will keep players entertained for hours!"

Switch - or Die Trying is available now for $9.99, though a 20% discount is available for the first week of the game's release. A trailer for the game can be seen below.

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