Release date announced for 'Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop'

Release date announced for 'Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop' RISING STAR GAMES

Rising Star Games is ready to get things cookin' with their upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop.

The game publisher has confirmed the new Cooking Mama game will hit retail stores on May 16 in North America.  There will also be a digital release a couple of days later on May 18.

In partnership with Japanese development studio Office Create, players of Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop will create a myriad of sweet treats and dazzling desserts.  There are more than 60 different recipes to create, spread throughout 160 different mini-games.  Players use the 3DS' stylus to slice, stir, bake, and decorate their creations.  Beyond that, the 3DS' microphone can be used to blow and cool the delicacies.  With these tools in hand, players will get to create a wide assortment of delicious looking sweets and puddings, and serve customers in the shop to keep them happy.

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