Debut 'Harvest Moon' smartphone game to launch late May

Debut 'Harvest Moon' smartphone game to launch late May RISING STAR GAMES / NATSUME

Natsume's long-running Harvest Moon series has found much success on home consoles and mobile devices such as the Nintendo 3DS.  As of next month, gamers can add smartphones to that list with the May 25 release of Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers.

Designed for a younger audience than most Harvest Moon games, Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers is a digital activity playset for children.  It's designed to be simple enough for young kids to play alone (as well as with help from an adult or older gamer).  Video game publisher Rising Star Games and developer Daredevil are taking the lead on bringing Harvest Moon Lil' Farmers to mobile.

“We are thrilled to enter the app market with a title based on Harvest Moon, a series whose name has been synonymous with family-friendly gaming for 20 years”, said Martin Defries, Managing Director at Rising Star Games.  “We worked in close partnership with the series’ originator Natsume for complete authenticity, and partnered with developer Daredevil for its impressive experience in delivering engaging and kid-friendly experiences based on trusted children’s brands.  We can’t wait to share the outstanding results of this combined project with youngsters across the globe."

Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers is a one-time purchase app.  It's completely ad-free and has no microtransactions or in-app purchases.  The game is expected to sell for right around four bucks.

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