The tactical-RPG,Tactical Monsters, is now available on iOS.

Previously released onto Steam, the indie-made Ayo: A Rain Tale will soon be coming out for iOS and Android devices.

An English language version of the mobile game Final Fantasy Awakening is on its way from Oasis Games.

Stern Pinball CEO Gary Stern talks about how pinball is as strong as ever as the company experiences year-after-year growth, international appeal, and exhibits its newest machines (including a version for Nintendo Switch) at CES 2018.

Versus Evil's over-the-top sci-fi shooter, Let Them Come, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Hero Hunters is Hothead Games’ upcoming team-based third-person shooter game and it's coming out in less than a month for iOS and Android devices.

The mobile version Wargaming's World of Warships is due to set sail on iOS and Android in mid-January, 2018.

Ramify is an isometric tile-and-ball puzzle game.

Animated Puzzles Star is a jigsaw-style puzzle game with a fun and fascinating twist, animated pictures.

Robo X - The Lost Energy, the sequel to RoBox, releases Christmas Eve for Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

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