Physical collector's edition announced for 'The Banner Saga'

Physical collector's edition announced for 'The Banner Saga' INDIEBOX

Indie developer Stoic, in collaboration with monthly game subscription service IndieBox and indie publisher Versus Evil, Tuesday announced the availability of an IndieBox for the award winning strategic role-playing Viking saga, The Banner Saga.  The collector’s edition will include several unique physical Banner Saga items including game case and disc, soundtrack, instruction manual, and the premium collectible 6 ½” bust of Ubin.

The Banner Saga is a single player driven Viking saga, where a player’s choice in travel, conversation and combat determines the outcome of their own personal story as well as the survival of an entire civilization.  The game features stunning 2D animation and art, a unique tactical combat system and a cast of unforgettable characters, all of which drive the players epic journey.  The game also includes a haunting original score by Grammy nominated, two-time BAFTA winning composer Austin Wintory conducting The Dallas Winds orchestra, as well as a powerhouse trio of acclaimed YouTube sensations: Peter Hollens, Malukah, and Taylor Davis.

IndieBox subscriptions begins at $20 per month plus shipping and go up from there.

The Banner Saga IndieBox will be available for a limited time only, from June 20th - July 18th.

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