Cloud gaming platform LiquidSky launches for Android

The LiquidSky cloud-based gaming platform runs on an Android-powered mobile phone. The LiquidSky cloud-based gaming platform runs on an Android-powered mobile phone. LIQUIDSKY

Cloud gaming platform LiquidSky is now available on Android-powered devices, meaning that mobile users can now play streaming computer games directly from their mobile phone or tablet.

“LiquidSky is incredibly excited to offer the thrill of PC gaming to a vast audience around the globe that was previously without access to capable gaming PCs,” said Ian McLoughlin, LiquidSky’s co-founder and CEO.  “We believe the world is going mobile and, until today, mobile gaming meant compromise.  Not anymore.  The new LiquidSky Android app offers the same features and PC desktop capabilities of our cloud-based technology, but leverages the portability and prevalence of tablets and smartphones, making PC gaming truly possible anywhere, anytime, on billions of devices.”

Besides allowing Android users access to their entire gaming library from any of the popular storefronts including Steam, Blizzard, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, and others, the LiquidSky app also supports a growing variety of controllers.  This includes Android-specific ones to popular Sony and Microsoft console compatible controllers.  Touchscreen controls are also supported.  Furthermore, via the Android app customers can now access the full features of the LiquidSky platform, including their account settings, interacting with the LiquidSky gaming community or checking out the latest LiquidSky news.

The new LiquidSky Android Beta app is compatible with devices running mobile Android OS 6.0+.

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