'Sociable Soccer' hits Steam Early Access next week

'Sociable Soccer' hits Steam Early Access next week COMBO BREAKER

Finnish game studio Combo Breaker, along with game designer Jon Hare, announce that their upcoming arcade-styled sports game, Sociable Soccer, will be launching onto Steam Early Access on Oct. 12 for PC.

The game features a single player campaign mode, classic local multiplayer, and online multiplayer available from launch and a 30,000-player card collecting online team mode in the works.  The folks behind Sociable Soccer say the game "is a perfect blend of the instant playability of yesteryear and the power of modern technology."

“We’re hugely excited to be launching on Steam Early Access.  This is the first step towards our vision of a new, truly cross-platform, online and offline football action game,” said Hare, also referencing the console, mobile and various VR platforms to follow.  “Steam Early Access will help us to tweak gameplay, introduce more game modes and respond to fan feedback.”

Sociable Soccer features more than 1,000 club and national teams from around the world and there are 67 international football trophies for which players can compete.

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