Puzzler 'Glyphs Apprentice' now available via Steam

Puzzler 'Glyphs Apprentice' now available via Steam INSPIRE GAMES

The indie-made puzzle game Glyph' Apprentice is now available for PC via Steam.

The game is described as "a highly disruptive puzzle game full of complex mechanics and ingenuity."  In Glyph' Apprentice, players take on the role of an apprentice mage trying to delve into the mysteries of magic with the goal of learning to create original spells and become a Mystic in the Circle of Mages.

A problem-solving game, players are tasked with using simple programming to animate game objects.  Glyphs Apprentice boasts more than 70 levels and developer inSPIRE Games says each has a near-infinite number of solutions.

The game is obtainable via Steam for $9.99 USD.

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