Sci-fi adventure 'Echo' releases for PS4

Sci-fi adventure 'Echo' releases for PS4 ULTRA ULTRA

Now available on PlayStation 4 is Echo, a game that challenges players to best an ever-evolving A.I..

A third-person sci-fi adventure, Echo shifts, changes, and adapts to everything the player does.  The game follows En, a callow space traveler played by Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones), who arrives at a mysterious Palace after a century in stasis.  The Palace, however, was hidden in the depths of space with the hopes of bringing back a life that should not have been lost.  En soon finds that the place has manifested reflections (that is, echoes) of herself that are watching and studying her every move as the player unravels an emotional story of introspection and discovery.

"The Palace studies everything En does and creates ‘Echoes’; identical in appearance and, at first, seemingly unthreatening, until you get too close," explains game director Martin Emborg.  "The Echoes begin to learn that everything you do, they can do, too, and they will not hesitate to use your own tactics against you in order to purge The Palace of your presence."

In short, the player is his/her own worse enemy.

Echo was previously released for PC via Steam. Sony's PlayStation 4 is thus far the only video game console to carry the game.  The game is developed and published by Ultra Ultra.

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