Lyrical playformer 'Ayo: A Rain Tale' headed to steam this month

Lyrical playformer 'Ayo: A Rain Tale' headed to steam this month INKLINE

Ayo: A Rain Tale, an atmospheric side-scrolling platformer that addresses the plight of more than 319 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, is set to launch onto Steam for PC and Mac Nov. 9.

The game explores the psychological impact of trekking across the desert to carry water and reveals the struggles of millions of sub-Saharan African women and girls.  Players take on the role of Ayo, a young girl who is about to leave home alone for the first time to gather water for her family.  To do this, Ayo must face the harsh conditions of the Sahelian droughts and overcome her fears without falling victim to her own mind.  Unsurprisingly, the desert is a dangerous place and players will face many hardships.  Gamers will need to crawl, climb, and jump their way through the Sub-Saharan lands as they solve puzzles, avoid dangerous hazards, and discover hidden paths during the scorching days and lonesome nights.

Developed by Inkline, Ayo: A Rain Tale will be available on the Mac App Store and Steam (Windows/Mac) Nov. 9 for $6.99 (30% off) before returning to its original price of $9.99 on Nov. 16.

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