Medical malpractice sim 'Bio Inc: Redemption' to launch next month

An in-game screenshot from 'Bio Inc: Redemption'. An in-game screenshot from 'Bio Inc: Redemption'. DRYGIN STUDIOS

Bio Inc: Redemption, the medical malpractice simulator from DryGin Studios, is scheduled to depart from Early Access and launch for PC via Steam on Mar. 8.

In Bio Inc, players diagnose and save patients who suffering from real-life diseases.  Then again, players can also see how quickly the patients can be killed with new infections instead.

Once the game launches next month, it will come with new content not currently available in Steam Early Access.  This includes online multiplayer complete with leaderboards and a matchmaking system.  There will also be a sandbox mode, female patients, and new stages including a boss for each of the life-and-death campaigns.

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