Party game ‘Nemesis Realms’ releases onto Steam

Party game ‘Nemesis Realms’ releases onto Steam EVOCAT GAMES

Now available from independent video game developer Evocat Games is Nemesis Realms, a game that features asymmetrical cross-platform gameplay between PC and VR users.

Nemesis Realms brings out the multiplayer party side of the seemingly isolated VR experience,” said Leevi Pääkkönen, CEO of Evocat Games.  “Coming out of [Steam] Early Access the game is more optimized and polished, and gives players an additional action-packed stage.  Based on community feedback during Early Access we’ve also added in a pool of custom variables and power-ups so players can scale the scope and length of their battles the way they want.”

Nemesis Realms is a local fighting party game played with as many as five people.  One player takes on the role of a huge boss monster in VR while the others play as smaller hero characters with regular controllers, working together to defeat the boss.  The game featuring three stages and each stage has its own hero-boss pairing.

Nemesis Realms can be downloaded via Steam on PC and is also compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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