'A Robot Named Fight' is coming to Switch, Windows 10 in late April

An in-game screenshot from 'A Robot Named Fight.' An in-game screenshot from 'A Robot Named Fight.' MATT BITNER GAMES

Releasing Apr. 26 via the Windows Store on PC and for Nintendo Switch, A Robot Named Fight is a new title from the husband and wife indie development team Matt Bitner Games.

Featuring alien abominations, labyrinthine levels, and permadeath, the game borrows heavily from the "Metroidvania" and roguelike genres.  Hitting a sweet spot between retro and modern platformers, A Robot Named Fight boasts monstrous creatures, "huge" item variety, quirky writing, and a synthwave soundtrack.  It also features local co-op.

Previously released onto Steam, this new launch of A Robot Named Fight includes a number of updates and added content.  This time around, there is nearly double the weaponry, more synergy between weapons and power-ups, speed runs, improved game balancing, and even a new (secret) area with its own ending.

A Robot Named Fight will be available on the Nintendo eShop and Windows Store next Thursday, Apr. 26 for $12.99.

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