Indie title 'Ultra Space Battle Brawl' hits Steam

Indie title 'Ultra Space Battle Brawl' hits Steam MOJIKEN STUDIO

The four-player arcade action esport game from developer Mojiken Studio and publisher Toge Productions, Ultra Space Battle Brawl, is now available on Steam for $9.99.

A local multiplayer party game about a cosmic competitive sport that could best be described as “Pong meets baseball on steroids,” Ultra Space Battle Brawl tasks players with protecting their diamond, and destroying their opponents’, by deflecting a ball projectile back and forth.

Further explains Toge Productions:

Ultra Space Battle Brawl’s style is heavily influenced by Indonesian culture. The soundtrack is composed of “funkot” tunes, a genre typically associated with Indonesian truck drivers that merges dangdut (Indonesian folk) and house music. Ultra Space Battle Brawl also has an intro soundtrack by legendary composer Manami Matsumae, of Mega Man and Shovel Knight fame. Ultra Space Battle Brawl’s art direction was inspired by the concept of “what if a gaijin (Japanese term for foreigner) made a Japanese influenced game in the 80s?”

Ultra Space Battle Brawl originally came out this past July on Nintendo Switch and was Mojiken Studio's debut release.

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