Conclusion to 'Sorcery!' series comes next month

A combat scene from 'Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings'. A combat scene from 'Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings'. INKLE

According to developer inkle, the concluding chapter in the four-part Sorcery! video game series is slated to come out mid-September for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Carrying a release date of Sept. 15, Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings is being billed as the longest, most complex, and most devious installment of the series.  That stated, inkle says that playing the previous three parts isn't necessarily required to enjoy The Crown of Kings.

"It's not mandatory to play all four games, but cloud saves that carry over your decisions, good and bad, enrich the experience," states PR consultant Emily Morganti.

For those who haven't played the previous three parts, there is a full tutorial gets new players situated while suitable difficulty challenges those continuing on.

The Sorcery! games are based upon Steve Jackson's gamebooks from the 1980s.

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