The three player robot top-down shooter Livelock is expanded on at E3 – and shows a lot of promise.


Sherlock Holmes gets into a new mystery in Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter.


Tekken 7 super-punches it's way into E3.


We take a look at the new online card game Deckbound Heroes.


Civilization VI takes a turn for the cartoony...and intricate city building.

Mafia III shows off it's gameplay at E3 – and it's impressive.


Payday brings out another expansion – this time with bikers.


Troll & I and The Golf Club 2 are among five titles being shown at E3 2016 by Maximum Games.

Also, Gold members can get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free for a limited time.

During its press conference at E3 2016, Ubisoft serves up a number of attention-grabbing announcements.

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