Adventure game 'Karma Incarnation 1' launching soon for mobile

An in-game screenshot from the PC version of 'Karma, Incarnation 1'. An in-game screenshot from the PC version of 'Karma, Incarnation 1'. AURALAB

AuraLab's beautifully unsettling hand-drawn adventure game, Karma Incarnation 1, is coming out very soon for Android and iOS devices.

Scheduled to release May 24 for Android and "soon" afterwards on iOS, Karma Incarnation 1 has players solving mind-bending puzzles across a psychedelic world where they must choose between good and evil to learn the laws of Karma.  Players will need to interact with the environment to solve puzzles.  While doing so, they'll meet strange creatures who can communicate through thought forms.  Giving them what they need rewards players with safe passage, but failing to appease them will seriously hinder one's progress.

The game will be a free download on mobile, but only the first few levels will be playable.  After that, players will be prompted to unlock the rest of the content with a single in-app purchase.

Karma. Incarnation 1 was previously released for PC via the Windows Store, Mac App Store, and Steam

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