Military game 'Numantia' releases on PS4, Steam

Military game 'Numantia' releases on PS4, Steam RECOTECHNOLOGY

Now available for PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam) is Numantia, a military game that portrays the Numantine War (143 to 133 BC).

Boasting a pair of single-player campaigns and 1v1 PvP matches, Numantia lets gamers play through 20 years of conflict in a narrative-driven single-player campaign set in the Iberian Peninsula during the Roman Republic era.  The game is based around tactical combat as players lead an army of 30 units (including long-range slingers and powerful war heroes) to crush their opponents and secure victory.

Numantia features a choice-based event system.  The decisions players make can either help or hurt one's cause.  Players will need to take command, plot a winning strategy, and immerse themselves in these historical events that shaped the course of European history.

“Like any real-life conflict, Numantia plays in the ‘No Man’s Land’ between risk and reward.  Every decision matters . Players have full control over their armies spanning huge stretches of land – and there’s no room for error," says RECOtechnology CEO Francisco Encinas.  "The course of history may be set, but players can now understand the strategic genius of Scipio Aemilianus and the limitless courage of the Numantians.”

Numantia was developed by RECOtechnology.

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