Creativity-powered 'Nintendo Labo' coming to Switch this April

Creativity-powered 'Nintendo Labo' coming to Switch this April NINTENDO

Coming seemingly out of nowhere is what might be the most instantly-anticipated thing in video games for 2018 as Nintendo announces Nintendo Labo.

Expected out in April, Nintendo Labo is a series of DIY kits for Switch.  Starting with a piece of cardboard, Labo users can make creations such as a piano, a fishing rod, or a motorbike.  Once constructed, the creations can be synced with the Switch to allow the user to play a recital, go fishing, or compete in a motorbike race.  It's all about creativity and play.

Nintendo is hosting a pair of early-looks at Nintendo Labo.  Adults with children who are between the ages of six and twelve can sign up to attend a three-hour hands-on event in either New York (Feb. 2-3) or San Francisco (Mar. 2-4).  Interested parents can sign up by visiting the official Nintendo Labo website.

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