'MagiCats Builder' releases on mobile, PC

An in-game screenshot from 'MagiCats Builder'. An in-game screenshot from 'MagiCats Builder'. DREAMZ STUDIO

Dreamz Studio’s MagiCats Builder – a game that allows players to create their very own 2D levels though a visual coding engine – is now available on PC (via Steam), as will as on iOS and Android devices.

Thibault Louis-Lucas, Founder of Dreamz Studio, says the inspiration for the game came after a pair of teenagers stopped by the company's booth during an event in Paris.

“After checking out our games, they asked a barrage of questions like ‘How does it all work?’ and ‘Can you create anything you want?’  Their excitement caught us by surprise, since our target market skewed much younger," Louis-Luxas tells.  "We realized then and there that a common dream for most gamers is to have the ability to create games on their own.  The rest is history: Today, MagiCats Builder is out of Steam Early Access – and it’s available to everyone who ever wanted to design and build their own 16- or 32-bit platformer.”

MagiCats Builder is available as a free download on Steam for both Windows and Mac, as well as being a free download on Android and iOS devices.  The game includes in-app purchases.

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