Detective adventure game 'Lamplight City' to release in mid-September

An in-game scene from 'Lamplight City'. An in-game scene from 'Lamplight City'. APPLICATION SYSTEMS

Application Systems' upcoming detective adventure game, Lamplight City, is set to release for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux on Sept. 13.

In the game, which is the work of indie developer Francisco Gonzales (ShardlightA Golden Wake), players take on the role of a former police officer named Miles Fordham.  Now a private investigator, Fordham is haunted by mistakes he made on his final case and it may have cost him his fraying sanity.

Over the course of five cases, players will gather evidence, question witnesses, and figure out who the culprit is.  Here's the thing, though, even if players don't get the bad guy the game still goes on.

Lamplight City will be available for download via Steam on Sept. 13 for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac.

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