Battle royale game 'Ring of Elysium' releases onto Steam

Battle royale game 'Ring of Elysium' releases onto Steam TENCENT GAMES

Ring of Elysium, a new battle royale game, is now available to play free on Steam.

Developed by Tencent Games, Ring of Elysium throws players into a mountainous region that is under assault by an ice age level snowstorm.  Featuring a dynamic weather system, the predefined regions of the map will change and are affected by the weather.  Tencent Games says this forces players to adopt new survival and combat strategies.  Furthermore, certain locations on the map are at risk of avalanches.  Once triggered, the cascading snow and rock will destroy all buildings and players within its path.

Using Tencent's in-house game engine, Quicksilver X, the company says the game delivers a multiplayer experience like no other as it throws extreme sports into the mix on the mountainside.  This includes hang-gliding, snowboarding, mountaineering, cars, boats, and beyond as possible modes of transit in the game.  The game also provides a whole arsenal of modern weaponry and upgrades for players to utilize for their survival.  Additionally, an innovative attachment system allows players to use dual scopes and allows for the auto-equipping and transfer of attachments between weapon.

While currently only available in North America via Steam, Tencent Games says an EU version of Ring of Elysium is "coming soon to all EU territories with localization support and multiple languages."

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