'Oh My Godheads: Party Edition' announced for Nintendo Switch

'Oh My Godheads:  Party Edition' announced for Nintendo Switch TITUTITECH

Barcelona-based developer Titutitech and Square Enix Collective are bringing the hectic couch multiplayer game, Oh My Godheads, to Nintendo Switch as Oh My Godheads: Party Edition.

Releasing Sept. 25, the 1-4 player multiplayer game tasks players with carrying a variety of magical Godheads back to their base a-la capture-the-flag style gameplay.  Here's the rub:  In addition to defending against each other’s attacks, gamers also have to take on the typically unwilling Godhead itself.

“We’ve wanted to bring the new Party Edition of Oh My Godheads to Nintendo Switch for some time,” says Federico Sauret, co-CEO of Titutitech. “When we originally launched the game, we set out to recapture the sense of fun so many couch-based multiplayer games pulled off in the 1990s.  Bringing friends and family together through games is something Nintendo has long been a master at, so it makes complete sense to add Nintendo Switch to our roster.”

The new Party Edition takes the full original game and adds to it a new tower level, new godhead, and a gallery with game art.  There will also be a new tournament mode in which players compete in a set number of matches with a new points system.  Furthermore, there will be refined visuals, improved core player movement (allowing players to tackle their rivals and send them flying), re-balanced levels and godheads, improved UI, and AI.

Oh My Godheads: Party Edition will launch Sept. 25 on Nintendo Switch with a 15% discount for the first two weeks off of its normal price of $14.99 USD.

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