New 'Just Cause 4' trailer released

New 'Just Cause 4' trailer released SQUARE-ENIX

Square-Enix unveils a new trailer for Just Cause 4 a mere week before the game's release.

Featuring gameplay footage that has been combined with live-action, the new trailer delivers what Square-Enix is calling "a humorous look at the destructive power rogue agent Rico Rodriguez can deliver."

Says the video game company:

See Rico from the perspective of the enemy militia – The Black Hand – as faction leader Gabriela Morales listens to firsthand accounts of Rico in action from those who survived.  From reigning down destruction onto an enemy base to tethering shipping containers with explosive barrels, see what makes the exciting Just Cause series unlike any other.

Take a look at the trailer to see what they mean:

Just Cause 4 is scheduled for release on Dec. 4, 2018, on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.  The game is rated "M for Mature" by the ESRB.

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