Sci-fi game 'Unearthing Mars' releases for PSVR

Sci-fi game 'Unearthing Mars' releases for PSVR WINKING ENTERTAINMENT

Video game developer Winking Entertainment is giving PlayStation 4 owner a path to the (virtual) stars with Unearthing Mars, a new virtual reality title for PlayStation VR.

The virtual-reality game offers players a vivid, immersive experience as they explore our solar system's mysterious Red Planet.  It's comprised of ten interactive scenarios, each featuring a unique gameplay mechanic that fully immerses the player in a quest to discover Mars. 

In the early stages, players experience controlling a spacecraft and navigating a landing, as well as exploring the mysteries of the Red Planet and engaging with Martian creatures.  The latter part of the approximately two-hour adventure incorporates even more gameplay elements, such as puzzle solving and first-person battles with alien forces.  This immersive and emotive game provides a compelling combination of story and gameplay experiences.

It's exclusive to PlayStation VR for now (versions for other VR platforms are presumably in the works) and it supports English, German, and French subtitles and voiceovers.

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