Adventure game 'Blackwood Crossing' to launch early next month

Adventure game 'Blackwood Crossing' to launch early next month PAPERSEVEN

British video game developer PaperSeven announced Wednesday when gamers will get to experience their story-driven adventure game, Blackwood Crossing.

Releasing April 4 for PlayStation 4 and the following day, April 5, for Xbox One and PC, Blackwood Crossing explores the relationship between Scarlett and Finn.  They are orphaned siblings growing apart as Scarlett enters adolescence.  When they cross paths with a mysterious figure, a seemingly ordinary train ride evolves into a magical story of life, love, and loss.

This will be PaperSeven's debut title, though those behind the game are far from novices to video game development.  The studio is comprised of former Disney Black Rock Studio developers.

Blackwood Crossing is rated "E for Everyone" by the ESRB.

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