'Starfighter Inc.' debuts at PAX East

Starfighter Inc. Starfighter Inc. IMPELLER STUDIOS

Impeller Studios, a new studio made up of video game industry veterans, will be showing the multiplayer component of their upcoming title Starfighter Inc. today at PAX East, as part of the Kickstarter Games Castle. The space combat simulator has attempted Kickstarter funding once before, in 2015, but the campaign was unsuccessful. The new campaign will be launched today at PAX East, and attendees will be able to try out PvP and the game's VR support.

"We've shown that we know how to create an intense and immersive combat experience," said Lead Designer David Wessman. "But we're also passionate fans of the genre. We wanted to do something different with Starfighter Inc that makes it even more compelling. We want it to feel like the real deal - to make realistic space combat fun and believable. A cockpit sim utilizing both VR and PC is the perfect fit for our vision."

Starfighter Inc. is the first game for Impeller Studios, but the team's collective output over the years includes MechWarrior 2Far CrySaints RowX-Wing and TIE Fighter.

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