Jim Avery

Jim Avery


Assemble Earth's greatest heroes to defeat Kang the Conqueror.

Can you solve the Traveling Salesman Problem?

Review: 'Semispheres' (Switch)

Semispheres is a minimalist puzzle game that manages to satisfy, if not impress.

Review: 'Destiny 2' (PS4)

The Destiny that we were all waiting for has finally arrived.

If you missed out on the first game, give this a quick read before jumping into the sequel.

Get your hands on the entirety of Frank's Big Package.

Review: 'Sonic Mania' (Switch)

The Blue Blur is well and truly back.

Review: 'Phantom Trigger' (PC)

Phantom Trigger is an engaging experience for a couple of hours, but then it's downhill from there.

Preview: 'Tangledeep' (PC)

It's a love letter to classic 16-bit dungeon crawlers, albeit one that could still use a little work.

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