Two 'Code: Realize' special editions release in the US

Two 'Code: Realize' special editions release in the US IDEA FACTORY

A pair of special editions have come out in the USA of Idea Factory's otome series, Code: Realize, for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.  Each special edition features a variety of exclusive collectibles and content.

Developed by Idea Factory and published by Aksys Games, the Code: Realize games let players explore the story of Cardia and her adventures in a steampunk version of Victorian England, where she encounters a cast of intriguing gentlemen based on characters from history and literature.

The edition for the PS Vita system includes the Code Realize: ~Future Blessings~ game, a full-color 17x24 printed cloth banner featuring the gentlemen of Code: Realize , set of nine 1.5" metal buttons with chibi character art, eight exclusive 4x6 bromide character cards, and a custom slipcase designed to store the ~Future Blessings~ game along with the (sold seperately) ~Guardian of Rebirth~ game.

The PS4 system edition entitled Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ includes both ~Future Blessings~ and ~Guardian of Rebirth~ on a single disc, plus the full-color banner, metal character pins and character cards.

Both Code: Realize games have been rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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