Cyberpunk RPG 'Dex' launches for PS Vita

Cyberpunk RPG 'Dex' launches for PS Vita DREADLOCKS

The Czech-made side-scrolling RPG Dex is now available digitally for PlayStation Vita.

In Dex players ake on the role of the titular character as she is being chased by corporate mercs for an undisclosed reason.  With nowhere to go, Dex is forced to question her own existence while dodging vicious attackers across a dreary city of the future.  She isn't alone, however, as a trio of “hacktivists” are ready and willing to help her in her quest.

The streets of Harbor Prime offer countless opportunities to fight against dangerous gangs, expose corporate secrets, dive into the depths of cyberspace, develop Dex's skills and much more.  The outskirts of the city are plagued by crime, poverty and filth.  Out there, every day presents a new struggle for survival.  The wealthier districts are full of skyscrapers and bustling businesses., though beneath the sleek exterior, another war is going on, with powerful corporations constantly at each other's throats.  Those caught in the crossfire aren't exactly the ones to benefit.

“With Dex, we tried to portray the struggle for individuality with a mix of action and role-playing gameplay. PlayStation Vita owners have much to be excited for as 2016 draws to a close,” says developer Dreadlocks CEO Michal Červenka.

 The PS Vita and previously-released PS4 digital versions of Dex are available as a cross buy.  The game is also available on Xbox One as a digital download.

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