'Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars' releases for iOS, Android

'Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars' releases for iOS, Android ENTERMATE

Published by Entermate and developed by PlayEarth, Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars is a newly-released game for iOS and Android devices that features fast-paced tactical gameplay and real-time battle.

In the game, players will forge a lean and mean fighting machine consisting of Tankers, Dealers, and Healers to the ultimate kingdom.  The game lets players collect, customize, and equip their heroes with accessories to get their party ready for PvE combat.  Players can also gain access to the “Clan Battle System,” where server users from all over the world gather in one place to engage in fierce, strategic war.  All four clans compete in guild-based contests to identify the best clan – developing war skills through cooperation and effective clan strategy.

"We love strategy games like Heroes Charge and Civilization," says Entermate marketing director Yong-Rak Choi.  "We felt that the Tactical RPG space – particularly on mobile – deserved a more strategy-focused approach, which is why we published Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars.”

Soul of Heroes: Empire Wars is free to download and has optional in-app purchases.

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