Indie game 'The Deer God' releases for Nintendo Switch

A scene from 'The Deer God'. A scene from 'The Deer God'. BLOWFISH STUDIOS

The Deer God is yet again reincarnated as Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games release their retro-inspired game onto Nintendo Switch.

Blowfish Studios CEO Ben Lee says the decision to release The Deer God onto the Switch is due to the console becoming a prime outlet for independent game developers and publishers.

“The Nintendo Switch is fast becoming an indie destination, and we feel The Deer God’s procedurally-generated levels and accessible platforming make the Switch a perfect fit for us,” he says.  “We’re pleased people can now take the spiritual lessons of The Deer God with them on their own personal journey.”

Following the exploits of a hunter forced to live life reincarnated as a fawn after falling victim to a tragic hunting accident, The Deer God tasks players with surviving in a procedurally-generated side-scrolling world.  Player behavior determines whether they will align with good or evil karma.  Sparing non-predatory wildlife instead of trying to be on top of the food chain grants abilities for choosing one way of playing, whereas killing everything in sight grants destructive powers while at the same time leading the fawn further away from the lesson the magical force behind the hunter’s karmic journey is hoping to teach.

In addition to being available for download on Nintendo Switch, The Deer God is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android.

A while back, GeekNifty reviewed the PlayStation Vita version of The Deer God.  You should check it out, too.

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