Twin-stick shooter 'Last Encounter' coming to PC, consoles later this year

Twin-stick shooter 'Last Encounter' coming to PC, consoles later this year EXORDIUM GAMES

Exordium Games unveils Last Encounter, a roguelike twin-stick shooter coming out for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in the first half of this year.

Set in the distant future, all hope is lost when the world is invaded by a savage and technologically superior alien race.  To end the onslaught, humanity's last remaining pilots take the fight into the extraterrestrials' vibrant, procedurally-generated galaxies.

Last Encounter features a fleet of unlockable and upgradable ships.  Each ship will have a component-based weapon system, allowing pilots to create their own armaments by customizing bullet type, firing pattern, and more using parts discovered throughout their adventure.  Furthermore, players will be able to bring up to three friends for cooperative annihilation in fast-paced couch co-op.

"Last Encounter offers a cooperative roguelike experience that encourages strategizing and working together, but players who want to tackle the challenge alone are not at a disadvantage," said Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games.  "The component-based weapon system allows players to adapt their weapons and ships to maximize their chances for success in every situation, be it single or multiplayer."

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