Zombie-slayer 'Death Road To Canada' to get console release

Zombie-slayer 'Death Road To Canada' to get console release ROCKETCAT GAMES

Previously released on PC, console gamers can soon take a ride in Death Road To Canada when the game comes out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Published by Ukiyo in partnership with Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, Death Road to Canada is set to release for consoles this Spring and is based around a zombie-filled road trip that begins in Florida and ends in Ontario (where, it's rumored, there are no zombies).  The game is a randomly-generated roguelike that features a pixel-based art style.  It's described by the fine folks responsible as having brutal and hyper-violent combat with over-the-top, looted weaponry.

“We believe Death Road To Canada is perfectly suited to be played in both the home and on the go,” said Kepa Auwae, Co-Founder of Rocketcat Games.  “Single player is great of course, but the local co-op mode brings a slower, more tactical pace to the game.  With the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controllers and the promise of couch play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we’re proud to share the console experience of Death Road to Canada with players across the world.”

Death Road to Canada can be played either alone or in two-player co-op.

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