Pixar-inspired shooter 'Sleep Tight' releases on Switch, PC

Pixar-inspired shooter 'Sleep Tight' releases on Switch, PC WE ARE FUZZY

A new twin-stick shooter experience is now available PC and Nintendo Switch from developer We Are Fuzzy.

The developer says game, Sleep Tight, goes beyond standard twin-stick shooter mechanics by adding in base-building elements.  It also has a large roster of playable characters as well as Mixer functionality that allows viewers to interact with streamers during their broadcasts.

In Sleep Tight, players choose between a cast of a dozen kids whose bedrooms are assaulted every night by hordes of monsters pouring out from the dark corners of their homes.  With an arsenal of toy weapons ranging from dart guns to water balloons, players will need to hold the frightening creatures at bay until sunrise.  The base-building comes in when players cash in their piggy banks to establish elaborate pillow forts, construct turrets, and buy various other upgrades that will better help them survive increasingly difficult evenings to come.

"Sleep Tight started out as a dream we had as children,” said Maxx Burman, co-founder and creative director, We Are Fuzzy.  “It’s been an incredible ride bringing that dream to life and we’re proud to finally share it with everyone today as we launch on Nintendo Switch and PC.”

We Are Fuzzy was founded by Maxx Burman and Banks Boutté in 2017.  It boasts a veteran team of Hollywood artists and AAA game designers with experience working on projects such as AMC's The Walking Dead , Hollywood blockbusters including Iron Man and Godzilla, and video games like Far Cry 5 and Dark Souls 2.

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