Maximum Games is partnering with Rooster Teeth Games to bring Bendy and the Ink Machine to consoles in October of 2018.

Curve Digital is bringing FuturLab’s shmup and platformer hybrid, Velocity 2X, to Nintendo Switch later this month.

Previously released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, The Spectrum Retreat comes to Nintendo Switch in mid-September.

Now available, the free Mega Man 11 demo lets players take on Block Man.

An collection of arcade classics are being remastered and brought back as Tozai Games announces R-Type Dimensions for Nintendo Switch and PC.

The 2D animated cinematic adventure will be arriving on Nintendo's system next year.

Game publisher Hound Picked Games is bringing the British indie title HyperParasite to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is hosting a series of workshops all across the country that encourage kids to let their DIY talents run wild.

Nintendo Switch will see its already deep game library grow even more with the release of a diverse lineup of games from independent developers.

Developer Souvenir Circ's vibrant, side-scrolling Touhou Project bullet hell game, Azure Reflections, is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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