'Star Trek Adventures' tabletop RPG coming this August

'Star Trek Adventures' tabletop RPG coming this August MODIPHIUS / CBS STUDIOS INC.

Coming this August from Modiphius Entertainment is the first Star Trek tabletop roleplaying game in more than a decade, Star Trek Adventures.  The game is scheduled to release around Gen Con this August and will be available in local game shops in September.

Star Trek Adventures will use the Modiphius 2d20 game system designed by Jay Little.  Other Modiphius games such as Mutant Chronicles, Infinity, Conan, and John Carter of Mars also use this system.  To accompany the tabletop RPG, Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying line of Star Trek miniature figures.  The company says they will be the first to be produced in 17 years.  The resin 32mm-heroic scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams.  Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages on the Final Frontier.

Just announced for Star Trek Adventures is the Limited Edition Borg Cube Boxed Set, which features the 1701-D edition of the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook, the four sets of miniatures, the three dice sets, exclusive giant “Borg” Edition Gamesmaster Screen, a poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Momentum and Threat game tokens, a pad of character sheets, and a foam tray for storage of the miniatures.  The Limited Edition Borg Cube has an approximate SRP of $500.  (The Core Rulebook is currently up for preorder at a SRP of $58.99.)

Looking ahead, Modiphius says there will be plenty of game supplements, including the Beta Quadrant, the first in a series of sourcebooks for each galactic quadrant.  These are all set for release in early 2018.  There will also be three division guides -- command, operations, and sciences -- due to come out.  These guides are designed to give players more options for their characters and more information about how these divisions operate within Starfleet.  The Command Division supplement will release in late 2017 and will unveil a slew of new starships for players to crew.

Everything that will soon be coming out for Star Trek Adventures, including both the basic and collector's editions of the Core Rulebook, are all now available for pre-order at Modiphius' website.

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