Big changes coming to Magic: The Gathering

This week, Wizards of the Coast will be making a series of announcements for its Magic: The Gathering CCG and the first one is a doozy.

There is a lot of insider baseball associated with Monday's announcement, so if you want to see all of the minute details and the rationelle behind them, you can head on over to the mothership and find out the particulars from Mark Rosewater himself.  If you just want a quick summary of everything that's involved, just keep reading.

  1. The current block setup of large set/small set is going away in favor of single large sets one after another.  All sets will be designed to be drafted alone.  This is expected to begin in Spring of 2018 after the small set of the Ixalan block releases.
  2. Beginning in 2018, the Summer set will be a core set.  Yes, the core sets are returning but they won't be quite the same as before.  Roughly half of the set will be reprints, but the other half will be comprised of entirely new cards.
  3. The Gatewatch is going away.  Okay, may be not quite away, but WotC will be changing their focus on how they use the Gatewatch and will be pulling back quite a bit on their prominence.
  4. After two consecutive blocks of Masterpiece cards, WotC will be scaling back.  Ixalan will not have any Masterpieces and, beginning with the set following the Ixalan block, every other set released will contain Masterpiece cards.
  5. WotC is adding a "Play Design" team to R&D.  Their focus will be playtesting new cards within the current Standard meta rather than just within its own set/block.

So, yeah.  That's a lot of announcements all at once for a week that WotC is promising a number of Magic-related announcements.  It's not like this week isn't busy enough with E3 and Magic The Gathering's Grand Prix Las Vegas going on.

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