Full 'Iconic Masters' set revealed

Full 'Iconic Masters' set revealed WOTC

Grove of the Burnwillows, Aether Vial, and Mana Drain: OH MY!

Wizards of the Coast has provided a full visual spoiler for the entire upcoming Iconic Masters supplemental set, revealing every single card to be found in it.  Highlights include not only the three listed cards above, but also all five of the Kamigawa dragons, useful artifacts such as Mishra's Bauble and Oblivion Stone, and iconic cards from Magic's early days like Lord of the Pit and Serra Angel.

There are plenty of cards that are receiving new artwork specifically for Iconic Masters.  Aside from Mana Drain (which features the work of Raymond Swanland), there are a number worth taking note of.  Sandstone Oracle got new art from Izzy, Shreya Shetty made Furnace Whelp absolutely adorable, John Avon took the artwork for Ancestral Visions in a very interesting direction, and both of the set's "command" cards -- Austere Command and Cryptic Command -- receive the new art treatment from Anna Steinbauer and Jason Rainville, respectively.

Sixty of the 249 cards that make up Iconic Masters are receiving rarity shifts.  Most of these shifts just bump the card's rarity up or down one level (ie: Uncommon to common or visa-versa).  To make it easier on you, we've compiled the entire rarity shift list below.

To common:

Card Name Previous Set Previous Rarity
Abzan Battle Priest DTK Uncommon
Angel of Mercy 10E Uncommon
Darksteel Axe MM2 Uncommon
Dissolve THS Uncommon
Draconic Roar DTK Uncommon
Dragonlord's Servant DTK Uncommon
Duskdale Wurm M13 Uncommon
Earth Elemental 10E Uncommon
Emerge Unscathed ROE Uncommon
Foul-Tongue Invocation DTK Uncommon
Furnace Whelp M15 Uncommon
Heat Ray M15 Uncommon
Guardian Idol 5DN Uncommon
Ivy Elemental ODY Rare
Jace's Phantasm M13 Uncommon
Jaddi Offshoot BFZ Uncommon
Jhessian Thief ORI Uncommon
Mark of Mutiny M13 Uncommon
Mind Stone 10E Uncommon
Prey's Vengance ROE Uncommon
Riverwheel Aerialists KTK Uncommon
Runed Servitor CN2 Uncommon
Scion of Ugin DTK Uncommon
Seeker of the Way KTK Uncommon
Star Compass 8ED Uncommon
Survival Cache ROE Uncommon
Sustainer of the Realm 7ED Uncommon
Thrill-Kill Assassin RTR Uncommon
Virulent Swipe ROE Uncommon

To uncommon:

Card Name Previous Set Previous Rarity
Assault Formation DTK Rare
Bladewing the Risen SCG Rare
Bogbrew Witch M14 Rare
Condescend 5DN Common
Corpsejack Menace RTR Rare
Dragon Tempest DTK Rare
Heroes' Bane JOU Rare
Hoarding Dragon M15 Rare
Indulgent Tormentor M15 Rare
Mahamoti Djinn ORI Rare
Overgrown Battlement ROE Common
Pristine Talisman NPH Common
Rosheen Meanderer SMH Rare
Sangine Bond M14 Rare
Topan Freeblade ORI Common

To rare:

Card Name Previous Set Previous Rarity
Abyssal Persecutor WWK Mythic
Blood Baron of Vizkopa DGM Mythic
Bogarden Hellkite M10 Mythic
Curse of Predation C13 Uncommon
Jugan, the Rising Star MMA Mythic
Keiga, the Tide Star MMA Mythic
Kokusho, the Evening Star MMA Mythic
Lotus Cobra ZEN Mythic
Malfegor CON Mythic
Rampaging Baloths ZEN Mythic
Ryusei, the Falling Star MMA Mythic
Savageborn Hydra DGM Mythic
Scourge of Valkas M14 Mythic
Yosei, the Morning Star MMA Mythic

To mythic:

Card Name Previous Set Previous Rarity
Channel 4ED Uncommon
Mana Drain LEG Uncommon

You can check out Iconic Masters in its entirety by visiting the official Magic: The Gathering website.

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