Full 'Ixalan' set revealed

Full 'Ixalan' set revealed WOTC

Soon Magic: The Gathering will be all about pirates and dinosaurs.

Wizards of the Coast has provided a full visual spoiler for the entire upcoming 279-card Ixalan Magic set, revealing every single card to be found in it. 

The set takes place in a land where the high seas rule and dinosaurs roam the land.  Players will see a couple of familiar faces with (the now swashbuckling) Vraska and newly memory-wiped Jace traveling the plane.  There are also a few new planeswalkers such as the casual-oriented Huatli, Warrior Poet and the planeswalker deck exclusives Hualti, Dinosaur Knight and Jace, Ingenious Mind Mage.  Other highly-regarded new cards found in the set include the devastating Star of Extinction, the board-controlling Kinjalli's Sunwing, and the EDH-friendly Admiral Beckett Brass.  Ixalan also features vehicles in the form of pirate ships and allied-colored check lands such as Glacial Fortress.

Notably new to Ixalan is a collection of double-faced cards.  Many of these cards take obvious cues from powerful Magic cards from the past.  The legendary enchantment Growing Rites of Itlimoc, for example, transforms into the Gaea's Cradle-like Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun.  Another example of this is with the black card Arguel’s Blood Fast, which becomes the Diamond Valley inspired Temple of Aklazotz.  There are also some artifacts that have received the same mechanical treatment such as Thaumatic Compass.  When it transforms, it becomes a slightly better version of Maze of Ith called Spires of Orazka.  All-in-all, Ixalan contains ten such double-faced cards.  All ten are rares.

The set also includes seventeen reprints.  While the highlights include Opt (first printed in Invasion), Duress (first seen in Urza's Saga), and Spell Pierce (Zendikar), there are a number of others that are worth a mention.  Magic 2013/14's Mark of the Vampire is seeing a flavorful print, as is the soon-to-otherwise-rotate Unknown Shores (Theros/Oath of the Gatewatch), and the Magic: The Gathering Alpha/Beta original Air Elemental will see new life in Ixalan.  A new standard printing of Favorable Winds is also creating some buzz among constructed players.  Only one of the set's reprints, Lightning Strike, is receiving a rarity shift.  It was last printed as a common in Theros.  In Ixalan, it will be an uncommon.

You can check out Ixalan in its entirety by visiting the official Magic: The Gathering website.

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