Explore the musical mythology of 'Zelda' in 'Sins of Hyrule'

Explore the musical mythology of 'Zelda' in 'Sins of Hyrule' MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Now available courtesy of Materia Collective, Rozen's new Sins of Hyrule album is an epic retelling of the eternal conflict between the Goddess Hylia and the Evil of evils from the Legend of Zelda series.

The 15-track album features music from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildOcarina of TimeSkyward Sword, and Twilight Princess alongside original works by composer/arranger Rozen.  Furthermore, the album is officially licensed and available now in digital and limited physical CD formats from Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Rozen's own website.

"More than a straightforward orchestral remix album, this album goes deeper into retelling the mythos of Hyrule, scoring the key moments where humanity is the audience to the colossal battles between light and shadow," notes Rozen.  "Through the use of live instruments, huge percussion, choir, hybrid elements, and dreamy vocals, experience the dark nature and the never-ending cycle of the curse trapped inside the divine-given Triforce."

Sins of Hyrule includes many notable tracks from across the series such as "Gerudo Valley," "Song of Time," "Great Fairy's Fountain," and "Ballad of the Goddess."  The full track list can be seen below:

01. The Ancient Battle (feat. Laura Intravia)
02. Ballad of the Goddess
03. A King is Born
04. Gerudo Legend (feat. Julie Elven)
05. Song of Hylia
06. Battle for the Sacred Realm
07. Monarchy in Shadows (feat. London Strings)
08. Thief Reborn
09. King of Light and Shadow (feat. ETHEReal String Orchestra)
10. Dark Lord Ganondorf
11. Breath of the Wild
12. Castle in Ruins
13. Calamity
14. Ganon's Requiem
15. Sins of Hyrule

In addition to the digital and standard physical CD release of Sins of Hyrule, a limited physical edition CD is also available that features a six-panel digipak and artwork by Alderion-al and Diego Jimenez.  If you're interested in this version, you'll need to act fast as only 300 copies exist.

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