'Super Meat Boy' CCG to debut at PAX West

'Super Meat Boy' CCG to debut at PAX West TEAM MEAT

Indie developer Team Meat is bringing platforming mascot Meat Boy to the tabletop space for the very first time in the CCG Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush.

Making its debut at PAX West in Seattle, Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is a one-om-one nonstop fast paced trading card game.  It includes featuring a number of Meat Boy characters such as Dr. Fetus, Bandage Girl, and Meat Boy himself.  Team Meat says there will also be a bunch of new characters as well.

“Kyle was over at my house for my birthday and we jokingly said ‘We should do a Meat Boy CCG for PAX'” said Team Meat co-founder and director Tommy Refenes.  “It was a good laugh until we whipped out the index cards and actually built a Meat Boy CCG.  Happy Birthday to us all!”

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is available online at The Yetee for $10.

Meat Boy debuted as a flash game in 2008 and was succeeded in 2010 by Super Meat Boy, which went on to sell over a million copies in its first 15 months.

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