Magic: The Gathering -- A PAX West wrap-up

Magic: The Gathering -- A PAX West wrap-up WOTC

Wizards of the Coast had a large presence at PAX West over Memorial Day weekend for its Magic: The Gathering card game.

Most of the festivities were in celebration and promotion of the game's upcoming Kaladesh set (it comes out Sept. 30) but also included a number of panels, the crowning of a new Magic World Champion, and a Ætherpunk street fair featuring a blacksmith, a glassblowing workshop, and other inventions and creations from local artists.

While the crowning of Brian Braun-Duin as the new Magic: The Gathering World Champion (he took home $70,000 of the $250,000 purse, by the way) might have been one of the biggest elements of the PAX West Magic: The Gathering jamboree, the numerous new Kaladesh cards and mechanics (ie: energy, vehicles, and fabricate) that were spoiled were probably what was talked about the most.  WotC has an entire gallery featuring all of the set's spoiled cards on their website that you can check out at your leisure.

WotC released a recap video of the whole schebang, which can be seen below.

 Magic: The Gathering's Kaladesh set releases Sept. 30, but players can get in on the set's pre-release the weekend before at their local gaming stores.

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