'Iconic Masters' announced for Magic: The Gathering

'Iconic Masters' announced for Magic: The Gathering WOTC

Wizards of the Coast announces a second Masters reprint set for 2017.  The set is Iconic Masters and WotC says it will consist of "potent cards from Magic's history to deliver some of the most high-powered drafts ever."

Set to release on Nov 17, 2017, the 249-card set will be sold in 15-card booster packs which include one premium card in every pack.  The packs will sell for the usual $9.99 retail price common for Masters sets.

It's unclear how many boxes of Iconic Masters retailers will be receiving.  Addressing this, WotC states "Because of the popularity of Iconic Masters, the distribution will be partially allocation based. We're doing this to ensure this product is as evenly distributed as possible."

Iconic Masters will be the fifth set in WotC's Masters series of reprint sets that include three editions of Modern Masters consisting of powerful and popular Magic cards printed since the game's 8th edition and one Eternal Masters set, which features cards that date back to day one.

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