You, too, can die of dysentery once the The Oregon Trail card game comes out.

Wizards of the Coast has big things planned for this year's four-day PAX West convention.

Magic: the Gathering's game day for Eldritch Moon is just around the corner; are you ready?

We look at what we believe are the ten best cards in Magic: the Gathering's Eldritch Moon set.

The classic board game Monopoly is getting a Final Fantasy makeover.

There's been a lot of talk in the Magic community about what old-school cards might be in Eternal Masters, but what about newer cards?

Wizards of the Coast Monday announced five new products for its Magic: The Gathering CCG including a new two-set block.

We select one card from each pre-Modern set in Magic: The Gathering's history for inclusion in this June's release of Eternal Masters.

We share three deck ideas for you to play at this weekend's Shadows Over Innistrad Magic Game Day.

Wizards of the Coast provide new details about the upcoming Eternal Masters set for Magic: the Gathering.

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