'Demon’s Crystals' releases for PS4, Xbox One

'Demon’s Crystals' releases for PS4, Xbox One BYTE4GAMES

A frenetic twin-stick shooter from Badland Games and Byte4Games, Demon's Crystals, is now available as a digital download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game offers eight different game modes and addictive co-op action for as many as four players at a time.  It features dozens of equippable weapons ranging from a powerful missile launcher, shot multipliers, mysterious blue force assistants, and more.  Players can also put their skills to the test and try to get this highest scores worldwide on the game's Survival leaderboards.

Demon’s Crystals tells the story of a world once ruled by immensely powerful astral demons known as Uricans who became comfortable at the top of the food chain.  However, everything changed when three mysterious beings suddenly turned the planet’s peaceful population into destructive minions.  You must now take control of the remaining Uricans to restore order, save the world, and safeguard your place in the sun.

Demon's Crystals is a $5 download on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace. The game is also available for PC via Steam.

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