Naval warfare game 'SailCraft' receives August release window

Naval warfare game 'SailCraft' receives August release window UQSOFT

Mobile gamers will soon be able to take to the high seas as UQSoft unveils plans to release its naval warfare mobile game, SailCraft, in August.

Coming out on iOS and Android devices, SailCraft is a 3D naval warfare mobile game inspired by turn-based gameplay of the board game Battleship.  Unlike the board game, which features five ships, SailCraft boasts some 60 warship types that can be optimized for a variety of tactical combat styles.

Players of the game can build their fleets from a wide selection of vessels that include classic warships, as well as a variety of unique new crafts like powerful alien starships, tough dwarf submarines, and magical elf ships.  UQSoft says the game's wide variety of possible fleet combinations, battle formations, and other tactical options ensure that the true key to victory isn't luck, but strategy.

SailCraft is a 1v1 real-time game, but players will also be able to connect with others by adding a friend or joining a guild to meet new people and learn from their in-game experiences.  UQSoft will also support league seasons to facilitate additional competition for players by facilitating battles with the most powerful opponents.

Available in August, 2017, via the App Store and Google Play for each's respective devices, SailCraft will be free-to-play supported by optional in-app purchases.

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