Mutant Football League stampedes onto Steam this Halloween

Mutant Football League. Mutant Football League. DIGITAL DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT LLC

 Ditigal Dreams, an independent game studio also responsible for Carnivore: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, has announced that their upcoming game Mutant Football League will be released this Halloween.

MFL is an over-the-top send-up of aggressive football games such as NFL Blitz, featuring lots of brutality and violence. Two teams of seven compete against each other in a not-so-standard football game, where things such as using weapons or bribing referees are perfectly; players can choose one of eighteen teams to play on one of eighteen stages. The game features multiplayer as well; up to four players can duke it out locally, while two players can battle online if they so choose.

Mutant Football League will be released this Halloween on Steam and Windows 10, costing $24.99. A new trailer for the game is below.

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