Combat racer 'Steel Rats' announced for console, PC

Combat racer 'Steel Rats' announced for console, PC TATE MULTIMEDIA

Just announced by independent developed/publisher Tate Multimedia is Steel Rats, a 2.5D motorbike combat title that features stunt-based gameplay.

In development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Steel Rats tasks players with mastering the realistic physics based controls of its powerful and deadly vehicles.  Players can decide how they want to make it through the game's tracks, traversing up, down left and right as your bike speeds fluidly in and out of the game world, over rooftops and through enemy-infested tunnels.  Players will choose their character and unlock new special abilities and customizable bikes to fight with style through vast areas of the city in a deadly mix of speed, agility, and firepower.

Steel Rats is set in an atmospheric, stylised, retro future version of 40’s and 50’s Americana”  says Jacek Gburczyk, Tate Multimedia art director.  “We’ve taken everything we love from America in that time period and mixed it up with our favorite parts of dieselpunk and steampunk influences to create something that has a wholly original feel and character”.

Tate Multimedia has not yet announced an exact release date or window for Steel Rats.

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